Sussex Military Research Projects

Weapon pit

Project ID: SMR1036

Location: Newhaven, East Sussex

Project date: 2012



Project Overview: Newhaven Coast Battery

This project was run in cooperation with Castle Hill Nature Reserve and focussed on the Battery Plotting Room (BPR) of the coast artillery battery on West Hill, Newhaven. The battery comprised three six-inch guns and was built from 1941, being ready for action in 1943. The BPR was sited 100m away down the hill from the surviving gun emplacements.

Description: Partial excavation of an infantry slit trench sited for the defence of the Battery Plotting Room at Newhaven.

The trench was located after reference to a wartime plan of the coast artillery battery. Only a piece of corrugated iron was visible on the surface and it appeared to be a piece of curved Anderson shelter, perhaps to provide some form of weather shelter at one end of the trench.

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