Sussex Military Research Projects

Pillbox survey

Project ID: SMR1051

Location: Cuckmere Haven, East Sussex

Project date: 2010



Project Overview: Cuckmere Haven

Working with the authorities, excavations were conducted at a number of sites in the valley, including pillboxes and anti-tank obstacles.

Description: Filming for a TV documentary provided an opportunity to set up a Vickers gun in a pillbox and gain an interesting insight.

The filming was for Wartime Secrets with Harry Harris looking at the anti-invasion defences of 1940. This was probably the first time since 1941 that a Vickers gun had been emplaced in this particular pillbox.

A lot of useful information was gained from this exercise; arcs of fire and placement of the pillbox within the network of defences was of particular value. Our findings can be found on the Defence of East Sussex website:

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